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Birthname: Balraj Sahni
Category:Actor, Film actor
Ethnicity:Indian / Asian
Birth:May 01, 1913 Taurus Taurus
British India (now Punjab, Pakistan) / Punjab / Rawalpindi
Death:Apr 13, 1973 (aged: 59)
India / Maharashtra / Bombay
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Balraj Sahni's Biography

Balraj Sahni (born on 01 May 1913, Rawalpindi, Punjab, British India (now Punjab, Pakistan)) was an Indian actor best known for his role in 1953 Cannes film festival winnin movie "Do Bigha Zameen". He is considered as one of the best Hindu actors of the 20th century. His other notable roles were in "Kabuliwala", "Seema", "Satta Bazaar", "Kathputli", "Waqt", and "Nanak Dukhiya Sub Sansar".He died on 13 Apr 1973. He was 59 years old.

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