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Birthname: Carmen Lourdes Dominicci Ramos
Category:Model, Television personality
Ethnicity:Puerto Rican / Hispanic
Birth:Jul 15, 1966 (age: 48) Cancer Cancer
Puerto Rico / Ponce
Height:5ft 7in (169cm)
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Carmen Dominicci's Biography

Carmen Dominicci was born on 15/07/1966, in Puerto Rico, Ponce. She is a Puerto Rican Model, Television personality best known for repesenting Puerto Rico in modeling competitions across world and as hostess for American television news program, "Primer impacto" in Spanish language.She was married to "Primer impacto" co-host, Fernando del Rincon (from 18 August 2007, until 24 July 2008).

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Carmen Dominicci's Related Persons

    Osvaldo Ríos

    Carmen Dominicci's husband. Carmen Dominicci is 5 years younger.

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