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Birthname: Carrie Frances Fisher
Category:Actress, Film Actress, Television Actress, Stage actress, Writer
Ethnicity:American / White
Birth:Oct 21, 1956 (age: 58) Libra Libra
United States / California / Los Angeles
Height:5ft 1in (155cm)
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Carrie Fisher's Biography

Carrie Frances Fisher was born on October 21 1956, in United States, Los Angeles. She is an American film, television, stage actress, and writer, best known for her role of Princess Leia in George Lucas' original "Star Wars" trilogy. She made her debut in 1975 comedy film "Shampoo", and after Star Wars she appeared in movies "The Man with One Red Shoe", "Hannah and her Sisters", Scream 3. She wrote 6 novels, 3 screenplays and 3 plays.She was married to musician Paul Simon (1983-1984), best known as one part of the musical duo "Simon & Garfunkel".

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Carrie Fisher's Related Persons

    Paul Simon

    Carrie Fisher's husband (1983 - 1984). Carrie Fisher is 15 years younger.

    Dan Aykroyd

    Carrie Fisher's former boyfriend. Carrie Fisher is 4 years younger.

    Harrison Ford

    Carrie Fisher's former lover. Carrie Fisher is 14 years younger.

    Joely Fisher

    Carrie Fisher's half-sister. Carrie Fisher is 11 years older.

    Debbie Reynolds

    Carrie Fisher's mother. Carrie Fisher is 24 years younger.

    Eddie Fisher

    Carrie Fisher's father. Carrie Fisher is 28 years younger.

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