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Birthname: Katherine Siachoque
Category:Actress, Television Actress
Ethnicity:Colombian / Hispanic
Birth:Jan 21, 1972 (age: 43) Aquarius Aquarius
Colombia / Bogotá
Height:5ft 6in (168cm)
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Catherine Siachoque's Biography

Catherine Siachoque (born on 21 Jan 1972, Bogotá, Colombia) is a Colombian actress, best known for her roles in telenovelas "Pecados Ajenos", "Tierra de Pasiones", "Te Voy a Enseñar a Querer", "La Venganza", "Amantes del Desierto" and "Decisiones", where is always played to role of villian. She is currently playing the Doña Hilda de Santana in telenovela "Sin Senos no hay Paraíso".Catherine Siachoque is married to Colombian actor and director Miguel Varoni (1997-present).

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Catherine Siachoque's Related Persons

    Miguel Varoni

    Catherine Siachoque's husband (1997 - present). Catherine Siachoque is 7 years younger.

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