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Birthname: Katie Lee Joel
Nickname:Kate, Kathy
Category:Chef, Television personality
Ethnicity:American / White
Birth:Sep 14, 1981 (age: 33) Virgo Virgo
United States / Virginia / Huntington
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Katie Lee Joel was born on September 14 1981, in United States, Huntington. She is an American chef, television personality best known for hosting the 2006 season of television show "Top Chef". She also appeared in "Paula's Party", "Martha, Today", "The Early Show", in 2007 was a judge on reality television show "Iron Chef America", and in magazines People, In Style, Life and Style, Celebrity Living, and The New York Dog Magazine.Katie Lee Joel was married to famous musician Billy Joel (2004–2009).

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    Billy Joel

    Katie Lee Joel's husband (2004 - 2009). Katie Lee Joel is 32 years younger.

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