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Birthname: John Roberts
Nickname:Black Bart
Birth:May 17, 1682 Taurus Taurus
Wales / Pembrokeshire / Casnewydd Bach
Death:Feb 10, 1722 (aged: 39)
Gabon / Cape Lopez
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Bartholomew Roberts's Biography

Bartholomew Roberts, also known as Bart Roberts or Black Bart, was one of the most successful pirates in the 18th century. He sailed up the coast of North and South America attacking every ship he came across and it was not rare for ships to sail away when they saw him, only to avoid confrontation with the deadly pirate. He was described as a tall, handsome man who loved fine clothing and jewelry and it is interesting that, unlike other pirates, he preferred drinking tea to rum.Bartholomew Roberts was born on May 17, 1682 in the village of Casnewydd-Bach in Pembrokeshire, Wales. His real name was John Roberts but he used an alias as almost every pirate did those days. He reportedly went to sea when he was 13, but he is not mentioned in history until 1718 when he was a third mate on a Barbados sloop. When the ship was captured by pirate Davis, Bartholomew Roberts had to join his crew and about month later, when Davis was killed, he was elected captain. The crew continued to sail for Brazil when they came across a convoy of 42 Portuguese ships escorted by two 70 gun warships. Roberts managed to capture one of the larger ships with fortune in gold coins, but while he was fighting one of his crew members escaped with the loot and the ship. Bartholomew Roberts then renamed a 10 gun sloop he had captured the ‘‘Fortune’’ and continued his journey along the Newfoundland coast.For the next two years Bartholomew Roberts increased his wealth to little over 51 million pounds worth of treasure and he destroyed almost 400 ships. By January 1721 he had a fleet of 3 large ships, the ‘‘Fortune’’, the ‘‘Good Fortune’’ and the ‘‘Royal Fortune’’. For the next twelve months Roberts was sailing along African coast capturing about twenty ships and increasing his wealth so he was becoming a real menace for the British trading companies and therefore had more and more pirate hunters wanting to catch him. On February the 5th, 1722, a British warship, the ‘‘Swallow’’, found Roberts near Cape Lopez in Gabon. There are some stories that say Bartholomew Roberts thought this was a Portuguese trading ship so he closed to fight her, while others tell that his crew was drunk at the time so they couldn’t fight back. There was no real battle here for Roberts, because he died soon after first cannons were fired. His wish was to be buried in sea and his loyal crew members made it happen. His body was never found.Although his career lasted for only about 4 years, Bartholomew Roberts was maybe the most successful pirate of the Golden age of piracy having captured more than 470 ships and this success made him immortal for all times.

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