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Birthname: Archibald Alexander Leach
Category:Actor, Film actor, Stage actor
Ethnicity:English / White
Birth:Jan 18, 1904 Capricorn Capricorn
UK / Bristol / Horfield
Death:Nov 29, 1986 (aged: 82)
USA / Lowa / Davenport
(Cerebral hemorrhage)
Height:6ft 2in (187cm)
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Cary Grant (born Archibald Alec Leach) was a British-born, American actor. He is the best known for roles of handsome, leading characters. In Grant’s long acting career, he acted in many classic movies, but he is best remembered for The Philadelphia Story, North by Northwest, Notorious, His Girl Friday and Bishop’s Wife.Archibald was born in Horfield, England in 1904. He had hard and unhappy childhood. In 1918 he was expelled from Fairfield Grammar School in Bristol. Two years later, he signed in Bob Pender’s stage troupe, and traveled to United States for two-year tour. In 1922, the troupe returned to England, but Grant, decided to stay. For nine years he performed on the stage (mostly Broadway), and finally in 1931 he went to Hollywood, where he became a true American star. He wanted new acting name, and acquired the name Cary Lockwood. When he signed for Paramount Pictures, studio was not very pleased with that name, and he had to change it to Cary Grant. In the following years, he became not just top box-office attraction, but truly one of the best actors in Hollywood.

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