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Birthname: Rajon Rondo
Category:Basketball player
Ethnicity:American / Black
Birth:Feb 22, 1986 (age: 29) Pisces Pisces
United States / Kentucky / Louisville
Height:6ft 1in (185cm)
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Rajon Rondo was born on February 22 1986, in United States, Louisville. He is an American basketball player best known as a member of NBA team Boston Celtics. He entered NBA on 2006 Draft as a 21st pick by Phoenix Suns. In 2008 his team of Celtics won a NBA championship beating the Los Angeles Lakers with 4 : 2 score.In 2009 Rajon Rondo set his career high record of 32 points in a single match. He received his first NBA All-Star selection in 2010.

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