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Birthname: Samantha Harris
Category:Television personality
Ethnicity:American / White
Birth:Sep 27, 1973 (age: 41) Libra Libra
United States / Minnesota / Hopkins
Height:5ft 4in (163cm)
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Samantha Harris (born on September 27 1973, in Hopkins, Minnesota, United States) is an American television personality best known as the co-host of the US reality television program "Dancing with the Stars" with Tom Bergeron. She also hosted wide variety of programs on "E!" channel, most notably Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys ceremonies, as well as shows "The Next Joe Millionaire", "Good Morning America", "Extra", "The Insider", and "E! News". As a model, she appeared in the magazines Muscle & Fitness, FHM, SELF, and SHAPE.She is married to Michael Hess.

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