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Birthname: Sarah Lewe
Nickname:Sarah Terenzi
Category:Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Ethnicity:German / White
Birth:Jun 13, 1980 (age: 34) Gemini Gemini
Germany / Niedersachsen / Delmenhorst
Height:5ft 10in (178cm)
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Sarah Connor (born on June 13 1980, in Delmenhorst, Niedersachsen, Germany) is a German singer, songwriter, musician best known for her successful music career. Since her debut in 2001 she has released five studio albums, three compilations, and three DVDs. She also the first German performer with five consecutive No1 singles on official German music chart.She is married to American musician Marc Terenzi, lead single of a band boy band Natural (2002 - present). They have 2 children together.

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