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Birthname: Victor Edward Willis
Category:Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Ethnicity:American / Black
Birth:Jul 01, 1951 (age: 63) Cancer Cancer
United States / Texas / Dallas
Height:5ft 10in (178cm)
Websites:official linkwikipedia linkimdb linkLastFM link
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Victor Edward Willis was born on 01/07/1951, in United States, Dallas. He is an American singer, songwriter, musician best known as the frontman and original lead singer of the American disco band Village People. With them he released seven studio albums before leaving the band in 1980. After an absence of 28 years Victor Willis returned to the bend and began preparation for the 2009 worldwide tour.He was married to Phylicia Rashad (1978–1980).

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    Phylicia Rashād

    Victor Willis's spouse (1978 – 1980). Victor Willis is 3 years younger.

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