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Birthname: Melanie Ann Shatner
Category:Actress, Film Actress, Television Actress
Ethnicity:American / White
Birth:Aug 01, 1964 (age: 50) Leo Leo
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Melanie Shatner's Biography

Melanie Shatner was born on August 01 1964. She is an American film and television actress best known as the youngest daughter of the famous actor William Shatner and and his first wife Gloria Rand. Some of her other notable performances are in "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier", "Syngenor", "Bloodstone: Subspecies II" and its sequel", "The Alien Within", "Madison", "TekWar", and "Surface to Air".She is married to American actor Joel Gretsch (1999 - present).

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Melanie Shatner's Related Persons

    William Shatner

    Melanie Shatner's father. Melanie Shatner is 33 years younger.

    Kristin Davis

    Melanie Shatner's best friend. Melanie Shatner is 206 days older.

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