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Birthname: Sheryl Ann Fenn
Category:Actress, Television Actress, Film Actress
Ethnicity:American / White
Birth:Feb 01, 1965 (age: 50) Aquarius Aquarius
United States / Michigan / Detroit
Height:5ft 4in (163cm)
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Sherilyn Fenn's Biography

Sheryl Ann Fenn (born on 01 Feb 1965, in Detroit, Michigan, United States) is an American television and film actress best known for her role of Audrey Horne in the cult US television series "Twin Peaks". She also starred in "Of Mice and Men", "Ruby", "Boxing Helena", "Rude Awakening" and as the lead role in "Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story".She was married to Hollywood actor Johnny Depp (1985-1989, and is currently married to Dylan Stewart.

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Sherilyn Fenn's Related Persons

    Johnny Depp

    Sherilyn Fenn's spouse (1985-1989). Sherilyn Fenn is 1 year younger.

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