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Birthname: Shirley Jean Douglas
Category:Actress, Film Actress, Television Actress, Stage actress
Ethnicity:Canadian / White
Birth:Apr 02, 1934 (age: 81) Aries Aries
Canada / Saskatchewan / Weyburn
Height:5ft 3in (159cm)
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Shirley Jean Douglas was born on April 02 1934, in Canada, Weyburn. She is a Canadian actress, film actress, television actress, stage actress best known for her roles in "Shadow Lake", "Wind at My Back", "The Stone Angel", "The Silver Surfer", "Flash Gordon", and "Franklin". For her contributions in her acting career she was named an officer of the Order of Canada in 2003.Shirley Jean Douglas was married to famous Hollywood actor Donald Sutherland (1966-1970).

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