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Birthname: Benjamin Augustus Middleton
Category:Actor, Film actor, Television actor, Stage actor, Singer, Musician
Ethnicity:American / Black
Birth:Oct 10, 1946 (age: 68) Libra Libra
United States / Florida / Dade County
Height:5ft 8in (173cm)
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Ben Vereen was born on October 10 1946, in United States, Dade County. He is an American film, television and stage actor, singer, musician best known for his roles in "Webster", "Zoobilee Zoo", "Silk Stalkings", "Oz", "Law & Order: Criminal Intent", "I'm Not Rappaport", "The Exonerated" and "Jesus Christ Superstar ".He was married to Andrea Townsley (1966 - ?, 1 child), and is currently married to Nancy Bruner (1976 - present, 4 children).

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    Ben Vereen's godchild. Ben Vereen is 32 years older.

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