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Birthname: Jeordie Osborne White
Nickname:Twiggy Ramirez
Category:Multi-instrumentalist, Singer, Musician
Ethnicity:American / White
Birth:Jun 20, 1971 (age: 43) Gemini Gemini
United States / New Jersey
Height:5ft 11in (180cm)
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Jeordie White's Biography

Jeordie White (born on June 20 1971, in , New Jersey, United States) is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer, musician best known as the member and a vocalist of a US rock band Green Moon. He also played for A Perfect Circle (3 albums), Nine Inch Nails (one live album) and Marilyn Manson (8 albums).With Green Moon he released two studio albums - "I Got a Brand New Egg Layin' Machine" in 2005 and "Licker's Last Leg" in 2007.

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Jeordie White's Related Persons

    Marilyn Manson

    Jeordie White's band member (marilyn manson). Jeordie White is 2 years younger.

    Ginger Fish

    Jeordie White's band member (marilyn manson).

    John 5

    Jeordie White's former band member (marilyn manson ). Jeordie White is 41 days older.

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