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Birthname: James Anthony Carpinello
Category:Actor, Film actor, Television actor, Stage actor
Ethnicity:American / White
Birth:Aug 13, 1975 (age: 39) Leo Leo
United States / New York / Albany
Height:6ft 0in (183cm)
Websites:wikipedia linkimdb linkTV.com linkother link
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James Carpinello was born on 13/08/1975, in United States, Albany. He is an American film, television and stage actor best known for his appeirances in the Tori Spelling's VH1 sitcom "So NoTORIous". He is married to actress Amy Acker (2003 - present, 2 children), best known for her role of Winifred Burkle and Illyria in TV series "Anglel".

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    Amy Acker

    James Carpinello's wife (2003 - present). James Carpinello is 1 year older.

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