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Birthname: Derek Delevan Harris
Category:Actor, Film actor, Television actor, Director, Photographer
Ethnicity:American / White
Birth:Aug 12, 1926 Leo Leo
United States / California / Hollywood
Death:May 22, 1998 (aged: 71)
United States / California / Santa Monica
(cardiovascular disease)
Height:6ft 1in (185cm)
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John Derek's Biography

Derek Delevan Harris (born on 12 Aug 1926, in Hollywood, California, United States) was an American film and television actor, director, photographer best known for his several high profile marriages. He was married to actress Pati Behrs (1951-1957), Swiss actress and a major sex symbol of the 1960s Ursula Andress (1957-1966), American actress Linda Evans (1968-1974) and American film actress and model Bo Derek (1976-1998). As an actor he starred in "All the King's Men", "Knock on Any Door", "Rogues of Sherwood Forest" and "The Ten Commandments." He died on 22 May 1998, at the age of 71.

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John Derek's Related Persons

    Bo Derek

    John Derek's wife (1976 - 1998). John Derek is 30 years older.

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