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Birthname: Fritz Gunter Sachs
Category:Mathematician, Photographer, Astrologer
Ethnicity:German / White
Birth:Nov 14, 1932 (age: 82) Scorpio Scorpio
Germany / Bavaria / Schweinfurt
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Gunter Sachs's Biography

Gunter Sachs (born on November 14 1932, in Schweinfurt, Bavaria, Germany) is a German mathematician, photographer, astrologer best known for being owner of "Fichtel & Sachs" one of theGermany’s biggest automobile suppliers. He also gained fame by his marriage to actress Brigitte Bardot ( 1966–1969).Gunter Sachs was also married to Annemarie Faure (1956–1958) and Mirja Larsson (1969–present).

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    Brigitte Bardot

    Gunter Sachs's wife (1966 - 1969). Gunter Sachs is 1 year older.

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