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Birthname: Osvaldo Ríos Alonso
Category:Actor, Television actor, Singer, Guitarist, Musician
Ethnicity:Puerto Rican / Hispanic
Birth:Oct 25, 1960 (age: 54) Scorpio Scorpio
Puerto Rico / Carolina
Height:6ft 1in (185cm)
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Osvaldo Ríos Alonso (born on 25 Oct 1960, in Carolina, Puerto Rico) is a Puerto Rican actor, television actor, singer, guitarist, musician best known for his roles in telenovelas, most notably as Ignacio/Luis David Contreras in "Kassandra". He also starred in "Abrazame muy Fuerte", "La Viuda de Blanco" and "Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa".He was married to actress Sully Diaz, journalist Carmen Dominicci, Geraldine Fernández, and has briefly dated singer Shakira.

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