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Birthname: Gavin Lloyd Henson
Category:Rugby player
Ethnicity:Welsh / White
Birth:Feb 01, 1982 (age: 33) Aquarius Aquarius
Wales / Glamorgan / Bridgend
Height:6ft 0in (183cm)
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Gavin Henson's Biography

Gavin Lloyd Henson was born on 01/02/1982, in Wales, Bridgend. He is a Welsh rugby player, currently playing in the Magners League team Ospreys since 2003, and for his national team. In his career he scored 85 caps and 773 points for Ospreys.He is in a relationship with singer Charlotte Church, with whom he has 2 children.

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Gavin Henson's Related Persons

    Charlotte Church

    Gavin Henson's girlfriend ( 2 children). Gavin Henson is 4 years older.

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