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Birthname: Marlène Jobert
Nickname:Red, JoBe
Category:Actress, Film Actress
Ethnicity:French / White
Birth:Nov 04, 1940 (age: 74) Scorpio Scorpio
Algeria / Algiers
Height:5ft 5in (164cm)
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Marlène Jobert's Biography

Marlène Jobert (born on 04 Nov 1940, in Algiers, Algeria) is a French film actress best known for her roles in Rider On The Rain (1969), Nous Ne Vieillirons Pas Ensemble (1972), The Secret (1974), Your Turn, My Turn (1978), The Police War (1979) and Effraction (1983).She has two daughters with her husband Walter Green. One of them is actress Eva Green, best known from her role as "Bond Girl" in the 2006 movie Casino Royale.

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Marlène Jobert's Related Persons

    Eva Green

    Marlène Jobert's daughter. Marlène Jobert is 39 years older.

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