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Birthname: Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum
Category:Actor, Film actor, Television actor, Stage actor
Ethnicity:American / White
Birth:Oct 22, 1952 (age: 62) Libra Libra
United States / Pennsylvania / Pittsburgh
Height:6ft 4in (194cm)
Websites:wikipedia linkimdb linkRotten Tomatoes linkFacebook link
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Jeff Goldblum's Biography

Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum was born on 22/10/1952, in United States, Pittsburgh. He is an American film, television andstage actor best known for playing the role of David Levinson in the 1997 blockbuster "Independence Day" and as Dr. Ian Malcolm in "Jurassic Park". He also starred in "Nine Months", "Mad Dog Time", "Holy Man", "Raines", The "Fly" and recently in "Law & Order: Criminal Intent".He was married to Patricia Gaul (1980-1986 and actress Geena Davis (1987-1990).

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Jeff Goldblum's Related Persons

    Geena Davis

    Jeff Goldblum's wife (1987 - 1990). Jeff Goldblum is 3 years older.

    Laura Dern

    Jeff Goldblum's former girlfriend. Jeff Goldblum is 14 years older.

    Tania Raymonde

    Jeff Goldblum's girlfriend. Jeff Goldblum is 35 years older.

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