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Birthname: Michael Carlyle Hall
Category:Actor, Television actor, Film actor, Stage actor
Ethnicity:American / White
Birth:Feb 01, 1971 (age: 44) Aquarius Aquarius
United States / North Carolina / Raleigh
Height:5ft 10in (179cm)
Websites:wikipedia linkimdb linkTV.com linkFacebook link
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Michael C. Hall's Biography

Michael C. Hall was born on February 1, 1971 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He began his career in theatre off-Broadway in play like ''Macbeth'' and ''Cymbeline'' but his most recent appearance was on Broadway in ''Cabaret''. He is best known for his role of David in ''Six Feet Under''. He is currently starring in TV series ''Dexter''. Michael plays role of a main protagonist, serial killer Dexter Mogan, and he received very positive reviews for that role.He is divorced from Amy Spanger, and is currently married to his "Dexter" co-star Jennifer Carpenter (2008 - present).

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Michael C. Hall's Related Persons

    Amy Spanger

    Michael C. Hall's spouse (2002-2006).

    Jennifer Carpenter

    Michael C. Hall's spouse (2008 - present). Michael C. Hall is 8 years older.

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