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Birthname: Dennis Haysbert
Category:Actor, Film actor, Television actor
Ethnicity:American / Black
Birth:Jun 02, 1954 (age: 60) Gemini Gemini
USA / California / San Mateo
Height:6ft 4in (194cm)
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Dennis Haysbert (born on June 02 1954, in San Mateo, California, USA) is an American film and television actor best known for playing the role of President David Palmer on the American action drama television series "24", and as Sergeant Major Jonas Blane in "The Unit". Some of his other notable roles are in "Goodbye Bafana", "Major League" film trilogy, "Now and Again" and "Love & Basketball".He was married to Elena Simms (1980-1984) and Lynn Griffith (1989-2001).

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